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    Ayodeji Fakoya

    Please, kindly tell me where i can buy Gateway 2000 VOIP. I’ve tried my best in contacting a guy in Canada to no avail. Please your assistance will be highly appreciated.
    Expecting your reply soonest.


    hi everyone

    i want to know how this ensemble works i tried to call moscow as i need to call everyday i tried the way as Sergey Starik told by using the netmeeting and putting the advanced calling but the other person i am calling can not hear me i can hear verry very clearly.
    Kindly advice me what to do. it would be great.
    With RGDS


    Hello Vivek,

    most probably (if your PC in LAN) your proxi server does nor permit outbound voice packets to go away, OR (if you have got stand-alone PC) your ISP does not allow outband voice packets. In VIVE manual you can read what ports have to be opened on proxi server to allow voice packets to go both ways. If the problem with ISP – it is difficult to find the solution.

    Sergey Starik


    Dear Sergey
    Thanks for the message,Sergey I am using a Good ISP and i was using net2phone to make calls to russia and it was working properly, I tried your way like installing netmeeting on my laptop and my isp allows outboun voice packets as i went and confirmed , well from wherei can get VIVE manual so that i can study well in order to enjoy the free calls to moscow that will be great help from you. Thanks very very much Sergey for conveying your message and hope to be in contact.
    With REGARDS
    Vivek Sharma


    Hi Everybody,

    What about making a kind of world-wide network covering most of the countries, using iEnsemble?


    This is already uinder discussion in the iEnsemble-users mailing list. Would you like to join? If yes please post your email here and I’ll contact you directly about membership in the list (free of course)


    I would you like to join to iEnsemble-users mailing list.
    My adress


    please list me up to mailing list. my email is


    Please sign me up to the Iensemble mailing list


    i want to join the iEnsemble list, my email is
    with regards


    Please put my name on the iEnsemble list. My email is

    fred schmidt

    Dear Sergey Starik and all the others from coollist ,

    I have an iEnsemble! and would like to get it up and running and so use your iEnsemble! for making a free call to Moscow.

    My question is:
    1-Can I assign a private IP address such as to my iEnsemble! to get connected to your gateway? If NOT, then check below my second(2) solution
    2-I have a cable modem and have Internal IP address and I can get another Internal IP address too from my ISP. Now can I assign my second Internal IP address to my iEnsemble! to get connected to your gateway in Moscow?
    3- What should I change in my iEnsemble’s web browser namely in Script generator and Phone Directory?
    I appreciate all of your helps in advance.
    Fred scmidt


    Hello Fred,

    I’ve only used the iEnsembles with real IP addresses. I haven’t used it through NAT. I guess that there should be no problem using it with NAT.

    Your ISP should have given you a real IP to use on your router… You can use the internal IP for your iEnsemble. Could you please be a bit more specific in your configuration?

    As for the Phone directory and Scripts you don’t have to change anything to them. The only things that change are the IP settings and General settings so that your iEnsemble can work through NAT, etc.

    I hope this was helpful. If it doen’t help at all please post more details about your setup.

    If you want to subscirbe to the list please post your address here.



    Hi Sergey,

    May I have your advise how to setup the CISCO to inter-connect iEnsemble ? Do you have the configuration sample.

    On the other hand, can iEnsemble can deliver the H323 ID plus the Mac address to CISCO ?

    Thanks for your attention.


    fred schmidt

    Thank you for subscribing me to the list

    I would like to subscirbe to the list. Here is my address.


Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 80 total)
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