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SDCCH dimensioning for HR environment

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    dear wisa:
    in ower network the maximum half rate pentration is 25%.
    so according to the SDCCH/TCH ratio we use different SDCCH config.
    so for 25%HR we use.
    EX: 4TRX(30% ratio)== 2*SDCCH/8
    4TRX(42%ratio)== 2*SDCCH/8+SDCCH/4
    BUT 4TRX withoutHR(39%ratio)==2*SDCCH/8.

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    dear monem:
    in genarl this is right.
    BUT as you for the main factor to allocate the PCH is LA size,(the paging load on BTS is defined by LA size), with calculation of 2th command & IMSI or TMSI plus 20% for peak load plus 100% to retransmit all paging request from BTSs (free resourse on CCCH).
    thus the increase in SDCCH by HR implementation hasnt direct effect on PCH. if you use ( MS attach/detach, periodic registeration) with correct PCH dimenssion & robust RF ch.
    And furthermore Adapptive confiuration for physical channel to avoid all congestion.

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    Hi Mohammad,

    Thanks for your reply,

    RLT is 24 SACCH frames. 2 TRX`s in the cell. TRX1-> tsl 0=MBCCH, tsl 2=SDCCH/8, rest is TCH/GPRS FR. TRX2-> tsl 0 = SDCCH, rest is TCH/GPRS. Created on TRX 32 kbit/s trxsig. Normally is this 16 kbit/s. Had no succes…Is the LAC border no problem with this issue?

    gr. Marcel

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    Mohammad Yasin

    Hi Marcel
    Try to experiment with increasing the RLT value by step of 1 and the SDCCH’s are fine as it is a LAC border.
    I am searching for more and will reply soon.

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    Hi jakob & yasin.
    I need to know about RLT & how does it releate with SDCCH succes & drop,from which vendor point of view.
    thank u in advance.

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    1. I have a problem of low TCH CSSR, TCH DROP looks acceptable from stats. SDCCH CSSR is within our KPI’s and theres is no congestion on TCH and SDCCH. Some of my collegues are suspecting the problem to be related to Transmission, this is because certain sites are only handing over along, e.g modem site handover to a modem site only.

    2. I have only 1 site with SDCCH congestion yet it has 2 TRX’s and the SDCCH dimensioning is 2 * 8 SDCCH . Thank in advance.

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    Hi Mohammad,

    Increasing the RLT didn`t help so far…

    gr. Marcel

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    Mohammad Yasin

    Hi Marcel,
    If RLT is not helping out,Tell me the SDCCH drop is at A interface of Abis interface.There is network doctor report for Nokia Equipment its no . 166 > i think this should work

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    Dear Baleseng
    You can check if there is a problem in the transmission by knowing the BER of that particular transmission usually it is recomended to be less than 10^-6 check this with the analyzer

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    Tam Nguyen

    Dear Imanudin,

    I have a problem of very high SDCCH drop. Counters in Ericsson BSC show high drop is mainly due to others but not due to TCH Congestion. This problem was found in cells with 2 or 4 TRX, HR or not.
    Could you please tell me how to find relevant causes?


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    Hi TAM,

    What about sdcch congestion, sdcch seizure failure rate & sdcch failure rate. Are they high too ?
    Have you check counter this 1163/13, 1163/14, 1163/17, 1033 (linked to the radio quality) ?
    the best for is to swap the whole TDMA on an another TRX and check the behaviour of the TCH DROP & SDCCH drop.
    If all sector of the site are impacted, check trans problem



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    Difference between TCH assignment success rate and Call setup rate

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    Tam Nguyen

    Hi Boboo,

    I encountered this problem in many cells with little or even no SDCCH congestion while TCH drop within our target KPI. The SDCCH drop keeps too high for 2-3 days then falls down with no action, so I couldn’t find the reasons.

    Where are the counters 1163/13, 1163/14, 1163/17, 1033? I couldn’t find these counters in our Ericsson BSC. If check trans problem, check TS synchronization failure?

    Thank a lot

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    hi all
    what the different between(power budget) PBGT HO and (qu lev, rxlev)HO

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    hi all,

    I have problem of high SDCCH Drop at BSC Nokia too. The condition was after swapping out our old BSS to Nokia BSS, SDCCH Drop was increased from 0% to 5%, and it happened almost for all the BTS, and the other indicators were fine. But the problem wasn’t appeared when the BSC are connected to MSC Ericsson. Fyi, my network adapted multiply vendors for MSC such as Alcatel, Siemens, even Nokia itself. Are there any parameters that should be tunned that matched with MSC Ericsson but not to the others ??

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