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SDCCH dimensioning for HR environment

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    The SACCH multiframe associated to SDCCH have a periodicity of 470.2ms

    The SACCH multiframe associated to TCH have a periodicity of 480ms

    A SACCH multiframe contains actually 4 little blocks (called SACCH blocks). These blocks are transparent for you, the system needs the four consecutive blocks in order to decode the content of the SACCH multiframe.

    The content of a SACCH multiframe varies, it depends on which path it is :

    DOWNLINK : It contains the System Information messages (list of neighbours, some cell parameters, etc. for instance)
    UPLINK : It contains the Measurement reports from the mobile (RXLEV, RXQUAL, MS POWER, RXLEV of neighbours, etc.)

    You may be a little bit confused ? Read carefully my answer, it’s all there…



    Anybody implemented ..Abis over VSAT for E/// BSC and BTS ?


    Hi Gurvinder,

    You can use a parameter called dmax in Nokia to drop the calls if they exceed the TA threshold.

    Yogesh Choudhari

    Hi Pix,

    Can we do the power control when call is on SDCCH?

    In my network we are suffering with uplink inteference because of spectrum constraint.

    We are using Nokia equipment….


    hello yogesh,

    the power control can work during the SDCCH phase (either for a call setup, or a SMS).
    There might be one parameter that inhibit the power control during the first few seconds of the SDCCH, so check this parameter.

    (T_SDCCH_PC : Time during which power control on SDCCH is inhibited after completion of the Immediate Assigmnent Procedure)

Viewing 5 posts - 151 through 155 (of 155 total)
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