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High SDCCH Assignment Failure

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    Dear All

    I am In Huawei and we are also facing the same issue with explanation made by SA
    CSSR is degraded due to SDCCH establishment failure mapped on LAU procedure: no answer to Immediate Assignment
    can anybody share any final conclusion or report or any patch introduced by any vendor.
    One good solution for satisfying customer can be excluding the LU assignments from CSSR formula ๐Ÿ™‚
    Any solution, kindly share it on


    My network GSM Nortel V15.1.1 is experiencing the same extrange high SDCCH Failed Assigment Rates that appear only for some hours during the day and only at some cells.

    I noticed the SDCCH Failed Assigment Rate is calculed by SDCCH Seizures/SDCCH Attempts*100%

    Also comparing the counters when the cell was having problems and when it was not, I realized that the counter that measures the Expiration of the T3101 (set at 3 seconds) increased from 1 when it was OK to 707 when it was with problems. For this comparison I only selected one hour (12:00) at mid day.

    On the other hand checking the notifications of the Site I found that the following alarm appeared at the BTS (cell) level:

    radAnoChln : (
    transceiverId : 0
    channelId : 1
    subChanId : 0)
    transceiverId : 0
    channelId : 1
    subChanId : 1)
    transceiverId : 0
    channelId : 1
    subChanId : 3)
    transceiverId : 0
    channelId : 1
    subChanId : 4)

    indicating the TRX0 where the BCCH (TS0) and SDCCH/8 (TS1) are defined and subchannels of the SDCCH8 (0,1,3,4 experienced blockage).

    Reading about this fault, says that the RadioResourseSupervision measures the channels on BUSY and FREE state but do not understand what is the reason yet. I’ll investigate.

    Also noted that the CSSR was degraded, Network and Cell. And that the SDCCH attempts were at least doubled, but the SDCCH seizures maintained the same as when the cell was OK.

    How/where did you do the trace to detect via the LAU procedure?

    In my case is not due to BCCH/BCC problems.


    I have seen the same with Ericsson, Nokia and Siemens BSS. It seems some devices get stuck in the location update procedure and they keep sending the channel request instead of accessing the SDCCH. Has any body seen if increasing the T3101 timers reduces these failures?


    Has anybody noticed if this SDCCH drop case has anything to do with cell having EGPRS configured? Did changing the T3101 timer have any positive affect?


    T3101 with Ericsson : did any any nkow the command to run to have T3101 ?



    if anybody knows abt t3101 then plz share the view i have modified the t200 value it has given improvement in sd completion …


    Hi krish,
    I’m working on it too, noticed the SDCCH attempts increase for some hours during the day for random cells. Got that from the counters.

    How is the improvement changing the T200 ? Any screen shot or chart ?



    in my network drop due to t200 was max so after increasing its value i got the improvement.


    Hi to all:

    I am working with Alcatel GSM networking , some time I am facing with SDCCH assigment failure just for one or two hours during 24 hours on some cells can you help me to find the solution.


    It is not a network problem. Some phones missbeheave causing those abnormal failures.


    I am surprised that so many networks are using this formula to calculate the CSSR where CSSR is degrading with increase in SDCCH Assignment Failures or decrease in Immediate Assignment Success rate .
    In our network we are using CSSR formula as
    (TCH seized/SD seized for MO/MT calls)*100

    So in our case with any degradation in SD assignment does’t cause any degradation in CSSR which seems to me more logical as not all SD Accesses can be for making an MO or MT call.


    well, that’s your philosophy… but actually what is the point of CSSR ?
    One number to show maximum amount of info about your network.
    If your CSSR takes only one indicator (tch assign succ %) then it’s quite limited.
    If your CSSR takes more indicators together, then – ok – it might not show “only” the CALL s.s.r, but it gives a good idea on how well-tuned is your network.

    CSSR + CDR = wide overview of QoS
    those are really just “management” KPI, they are absolutely useless for troubleshooting ๐Ÿ™‚


    Hi All,
    NSN,i have high SDCCH loss in a sector even the call volume is less,BSIC & BCCH for the cell is unique within the neighbor cells.i did the following actions but still there is SDLoss, please give me some idea.
    1- before i have 2 SD TS on 2 different TRX and now on BCCH carrier ( SDCCH +SDCCB), but still SD loss.
    2- swaped the BCCH freq. to another TRX but no use.
    3- changed the BCCH freq. but still there is SDLoss.

    Mean Holding time(sec) is 54 & TCH AVG Erlang is 3.



    Do you know what is the exact “cause” indicator for SDCCH Drop ? I assume you have a split for the SDCCH Drop, such as “Radio drop”, “Timer Expiry”, “Hardware Drop” etc…?
    (indics are vendor dependent, which vendor are you working with ?)

    What is the value of SD Drop Rate ? (split ?)
    What is the amount of SDCCH erlang at busy hour ?

    Thanks to your actions, we can safely say that:
    – interference are not an issue
    – hardware in the BTS is not faulty (not so sure yet)
    – no other QoS indicators are degraded

    Path balance ?
    There is still a possibility that all calls too far away are getting a SDCCH drop due to poor path balance. While all calls close enough are kept until TCH calls is established. However, which such assumption, you should notice high call drop rate as well.

    What you should try to do is a drive test over there, perform several call setups and try to obtain a sdcch drop ๐Ÿ™‚ Move around in the cell coverage.

    Try to send very long SMSs to extensively test the SDCCH.


    Dear Imran,

    When you implemeneted step1, did you turn off hopp and intracell handover? If you did not pls check in this way.

    Thank you

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 50 total)
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