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Switch Planning for GSM

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    Please tell me specifically what MSC Parameters did you change to solve the problem.



    good morning,

    I’m a congolese telecommunication engineer working for a company in congo-kinshasa.What i do want as informations is the way to configure radio channels of gsm network in case of congestions.

    amberish trivedi

    hi Michel MATALATALA

    first u have to clarifty that it is radio congestion is of siganllling or traffic.
    if it is traffic congesion than u can give more timeslot to traffic (TCH)by reducing timeslot for signalling(SDCCH).
    if it is signallliing congestion than u can give more timeslot to SDCCH by reducing TCH timeslot.
    can u give some guidance on R2 it naming what is structure and protocol it is using
    thanking u


    Hi Jyothi,

    No parameter has been changed, only the physical link of sync has been changed.

    michel matalatala

    I’m a telecommunication engineer working for a congolese company.i’ll be very grateful to anyone giving and explaining me the procedure followed when dimensioning gsm radio channels( traffic and common channels).

    amberish trivedi

    hi michel
    there is two type of channel configuration:
    combined and non combined
    now it depends on ur toplogy
    As we have multiframe of 51 frame and in 0 timeslot of every frame u r giving signalling and other timeslot will be used for TCh.
    so now in combined configuration there will be 4 sdcch block,2 sacch block, 3 cch and one idle frame so it will be used when u have less signalling load.
    while in more signalling load u can use noncombined channle configuration in which u have 8 sdcch in 1st timeslot of every frame so tch will be 6 u can use it in less traffic mode.
    thanking u



    Can U tell if I have 4 Carrier in one sector, then what will be time slot planning for this….
    If u can take pain….can u send me the some palnning document related to …..time slot pallning


    Ehab Raga

    am a computer engineer i design a
    SMDR call Cost software my boss is
    busy configuring a diu did in our
    system any one can help

    amberish trivedi

    i m very thankfull to the answers you do often send to i do want to know more about gsm channels configuration;could you please send me an interesting internet link dealing with this configuration problem.

    Harshvadan Jani

    Hello all
    i m a telecom engr (Switching-Ericsson-GSM900) with a private cellular operator in INDIA.
    My querry is a unique one. Kindly help me out.
    We are facing acute Pb of TRH congestion. Though our no. of TRH devices to handle the TRX is more than enough our RHSNT(RHDEV devices) faces congestion.
    I tried to change the signalling of TRXC & CF of the RBS Site fm CONC. mode to Non-Conc. & MPLEX16 but yet not got the desired results.
    If any one who had faced the same Pb can also xchange the mattter.



    I am new in D900 Siemens. Help me please with any good documents, please. I dont have to many good informations and HOW TO papers.
    I.m ready to share all my documets.
    Please help! Thanks


    Can someone help me knowing “how to dimension a MSC for GSM application ,keeping BHCA and traffic in erlang in view”


    Hi mr matalatala, I would like to share information about cell planning and dimensioning with you. put yr email address and i will contact you.

    michel matalatala

    hi claude

    i m very glad to keep in touch with is my email

    Sunil Issac

    Am a student of Telecommunications Engineering. I want you to help me alot about GSM-BTS and TRANSMISSION.

Viewing 15 posts - 166 through 180 (of 410 total)
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