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Big changes at

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    <B>Westbay Engineers Ltd.</B>

    This is the newsletter of Westbay Engineers Ltd.

    In this newsletter:

    1. completely redesigned
    2. Voice over IP calculators
    3. Three discussion groups
    4. Multi-currency purchasing
    5. Discounts for multiple purchases completely redesigned

    Yesterday, we published an entirely redesigned Telecom Traffic Online web site ( A lot of hard work went into this redesign, which we hope will make the site easier to navigate and read. We have kept the simple layout of the site, which was always popular, and have removed some of the unnecessary clutter. This newsletter explains some of the changes that have been made over the last few months. We would welcome your feedback on the new site.

    Voice over IP calculators

    We have kept the free Erlang traffic calculators on our site, and supplemented them with two new VoIP calculators a few months ago. These can help you work of the bandwidth requirements for transmitting voice through an IP based network. The calculators are at

    Three discussion groups

    Since 1997, there has been a discussion forum on our web site enabling our visitors to exchange ideas and advice on telecommunications design. Two new groups have now been added for the discussion of call centre issues and VoIP / network convergence. They can be found at

    Multi-currency purchasing

    Until recently, transactions on our web site were only available in US Dollars. The United States is a very important market for us, but 43% of our sales come from other countries. Although our price list remains fixed in US Dollars, customers purchasing and downloading our Windows software may now also choose to pay using Pounds Sterling or Euros. Customers who have purchased software from us have permanent access to the latest version of the software from their personal account page at

    Discounts for multiple purchases

    Our new payment system has allowed us to offer some more imaginative pricing schemes. For customers purchasing more than one item at a time, we are now offering discounts ranging from 10% to 20% of their total order value. More information is available at Also, if existing customers purchase further items from us at a later date, they are also eligible for a discount, and we have written to our customers separately on this matter.

    Best regards,
    Tom Howard,
    Founder and Principal Consultant,
    Westbay Engineers Ltd.


    Tom, the links to your other forums (call centers, voip) don’t work – I had to amend the urls by hand to get them to work (they read http://tom/&#8230; and need to be of the form; instead)

    John (

    Tom Howard

    Thanks John. I just fixed it.

    It happens a lot. Our intranet server which we also use for Web development is also called tom and so incorrect links to tom get missed.

    Tom Howard.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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