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This site contains online resources to assist the global network professional with telecommunications traffic design and analysis. Whether you design PBX networks or international carrier networks, we hope this site will help you.

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Recommended software
A-Z termination using H.323 and SIP
A-Z termination

Erlang software

We provide a range of software products to assist in the design and analysis of global voice networks, including Voice over IP support. Prices start at just 49 US Dollars.  Our product range includes an Erlang add-in for Microsoft Excel (Erlang for Excel) that allows Erlang calculations to be performed within Excel workbooks; basic Windows calculators for performing traffic and VoIP bandwidth calculations and tools to assist in the analysis of call centres.
  • Erlang for Excel

    An Add-In for Microsoft Excel that installs Erlang B and C functions that you can use in your own workbooks.

    The ultimate in Erlang traffic modelling flexibility and data sharing.

  • Erlang Calculators

    An easy to use and fast Windows product offering Erlang B, Extended Erlang B, Erlang C and Call Minutes calculators.

    Four products in one, plus Erlang for Excel free.

  • Ansapoint

    Easily estimate the number of agents and trunks required at your call centre.

    Handles 15, 30 or 60 minute analytical intervals and includes reporting and graphing features.

April 2014: We are making final preparations for the launch of our latest product.  We will be launching a new Excel add-in providing advanced functionality specifically for the call centre market later in the next few weeks.  Please come back soon for more details.

Free Erlang calculators

Our free Online Erlang Traffic Calculators can be used now to work out the number of lines required in a trunk group, and to assist in call centre analysis. They include tools for call center calculations (Erlang C), Erlang B, Extended Erlang B, Engset and Voice over IP.

Internet Telephony

We offer a range of internet telephony products, providing VoIP services to business, wholesale and consumer customers:

Telecom discussion groups

Here are the latest messages posted by fellow telecommunications and call centre professionals, sharing their thoughts and ideas on our three discussion groups covering Telecommunications Design, Voice over IP and Call Center operations.

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Author Subject Date Message (part)
STYRAX IRAT PS Fail (Target Cell : 2G ALU ) 20 Apr 2014 Hi expert, For Huawei NW, we have high PS IRAT Fail, cause: Failed Outgoing UMTS-to-GSM PS Handovers due to UE Resele...
mustafa hamed E1 calculation 18 Apr 2014 Hi, I think 1 E1 has 14 carrer they use 1 for ssbh , 1 Precaution and 12 for channels about in sied 1 E1= 2.048 Mbit/s ...
ali Code COng, Power COng in 3G Node B Huawe 17 Apr 2014 1. what is uplink power congestion in wcdma? 2. what is uplink user number in huawei?...

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