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Ericsson RBS

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    Khalil Najmi

    Dear all
    We are involved in site acquisition business in Karachi, Pakistan. We are working closely with local administrative authorities and have received permission to setup street level micro sites on walkways. WiFi and WiMax is the new wave in Pakistan. I would appriciate if anyone can provide me pics, pic leads for Street Level Micro BTS, and Street Level WiFi base stations their specs, cabinet specs and how its is done. I would also be interested if any organization is interested in working with us in this part of the world. Best Regards to all


    Dear Goni,if you change and replace the parts of RBS such as PSU,CDU or TRU it should be to recreate IDB and reset the DXU. This help the DXU to check new equipment installed there. If nothing still happen,please check the E1(some often there is problem with crossconnect E1 to RBS).


    if you change any PSU, CDU or TRU, you dont have to recreate IDB.. it’s defined already.. if you are going to do add or remove PSU or TRU (not CDU – TRU or dTRU dependent), then you have to modify the IDB.. not create.. dont do much reset, BSC guys will get angry.. E1 doesn’t have to do anything with the hardware database.


    ericsson n huawei bss product difference? i think currently both ericsson and huawei doing well all over the world. so i strongly believe that we gonna be benefited for own career. both companies doing very depth R&D for thier gsm products. so please share your own experience.


    RBS2216 is part of so called Flamingo, while whole Flamingo scope contains RBS2216, RBS2116 and BBS2216/2116.

    RBS2216 can support more than 200 SCC, and only half size of the existing RBS2206.

    DXU-31 and DRU are the main units. The main change actually is that RBS2216 does not have any backplane, so all cabling are in the front.

    T-mobil was the FOA customer, which means TMO are using a lot of 2216 in field, while Turkeycell also have alot.


    Dear Sir,

    Im doing swapping mircocell from RBS2302 to RBS2308, the problem is,

    went a loading data from BSC my operational and Local remote LED being off.
    Then Loading failure at release CF. It is because a Flash Card or any other solution?

    Flemingo Power consumption


    Anyone knows comparision of Power consumption for RBS 2216 to 2206 in following conditions

    Load on all TRX in Idle
    Load on BCCH Only
    Typical BTS load
    “Peak load on all TS busy
    (All 90 TS busy for a 4/4/4)”

    akindele rafiu

    how can i easily interpret RBS configuratio eg 2;2;2, 4;4;4 or 6;4;0 the rbs could be 2202 or 2216

    what diff is between rbs 900Mhz
    and 1800MHZ



    Hi all,

    Could anyone send to me the “format of creating IDB”, I mean how to creat IDB and one complete BSC Database.

    I am waiting of ur cooperation.

    My e-mail:


    To know about the configuration exactly,you have to know about the TRX configuration which command RXMOP:MO=RXOTRX-{TGnumber}-{TRXnumber}.
    you can count the TRX related to the cell depend on,so the config itself can be defined.


    Ehhh i need your help

    can you help me how to do 3.3.3 configuration with RBS 2116


    Has anybody had specific problems with 2216 RBS.


    Hi Andreas,

    To make configuration 3/3/3 on RBS2116 is using parameter Hybrid Combiner with configuration 3 x 4 and all is done same as when we will config 4/4/4 but on the BSC parameter set only 3 TRX active for each cell 0,1,2…4,5,6…8,9,10 (standard sequence).

    Md.Mafiul Islam

    Dear All,
    Can any body provide me the power consumption details about the RBS 2206, 2206i


    How much power get from RBS 2206 ?
    it 6 * 35 W for 900 Mhz
    it 6 * 28 W for 1800 Mhz ???

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 134 total)
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