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    whats the fullform of DAC


    can any body tell me the alarm configuration of NOKIA Ultra and Metro BTS for IDEA and HUTCH for Andhra Pradesh? Some body told me the alarm configuration is seperate for states. Is it correct? If not what are the particular configuration? If any body know it pls mail me to

    yogesh(Bonsai Wireless india)

    hi mohit,

    o/p power in nolkia bts is 20 watts and 43 db,power in db=10 log(p in watts).now note that for every 3db change power in watts will be twice i.e power in dbm=10 log(1000*p in watts),trx power is always equal to all bts emit power i.e 20 watts in ultra site bts and 40 watts in metro site bts,kindly mail me if any more queries

    yogesh Bonsai India Networks

    mohit kindly consider those in dbm, it ws miswritten, 20 w=43 dbm


    except nokia what about output power and dbm for other bts like nortel etc.,

    yogesh (Bonsai India Networks)

    hi siva, u shld see the manual for this of nortel or other equipments, wt power o/p they claim to customer,so itis vendor dependent,bt normally it is 43dbm


    hello hasan ji
    in nokia bts one PCM can handle 15 TRX with compressed signalling and 13 TRX with normal signalling

    i hope ur querry got cleared


    Jayesh Satghare

    Hi I am working in Nokia System support team Pune.

    I have one querry regarding DAC value. First of all the meanin g of the same its desired values to be set.

    The drift inthis value is given by the alarm “difference between PCM and base station frequency reference”

    Now if 3/4 of the sites in 1 BSC are having this alarm should there be any common reason?



    Jayesh: It could be a transmission problem have you check if there is a common path?

    Madhav: the alarm configuration for ultrasite is made from the BSC using the EFX command, I thik is the same with the metrosite.

    Best regards

    Ramajayam cyr

    Hi siva
    Did u know one thing all the BTS out put power is 33 db to 45 db
    the power out put of the duplexer or combiner is diffrent If you think Nortel the nortel bts Duplexer out put is 30 Watts, then Combiner out put is 15 Watts . In practically most of thing in combinar out put 14 watts only you able to get
    If You any quiry in Nortel Contact me

    GEO. Kerala

    Hello Price of Finland,]
    pls help me to clear alarm history in Flexi Hopper IDU. also tell me about the script tool, give some examples.
    can we see the farend Rx level in FH IDU at near end if we use RRI in far end..


    GEO. Kerala – 2 Oct 2006

    You can see FAR END but you must have this good version of software.(to see alarm, rssi, change tx power ,…)

    check this: maintenance – software – view.

    program ID, CHECK Active version.

    The more indice is high, the more is better.

    ODU =>
    P55040.01 G1
    P55046.01 C1

    P55230.01 A8
    P55234.01 C1

    P55295.01 A2
    P55298.01 C2
    P55285.01 B2

    if the versions are lower than my example. You should make an upgrade.

    Warning: certain versions are not compatible between them

    Josh T-M

    Jayesh Satghare: The dac value is how you are able to adjust your 13Mhz clock on your BOIA card on an Ultra site or a BCFA on a TalkFamily. Inorder to get this set correctly you must use a freq counter. This dac value will be different on everysite so don’t try and set all BTS’s to the same dac value. Once you have your freq counter dialed into exactly 13Mhz make sure you click on set as current and then save current permanently. This value will however drift a little to reallign itself with the frequency on your T-1. If it is drifting dramatiaclly check your bits clock in your BSC.


    can any body explain me in RBS 2206 written -48v to -60vdc and 4*32A current.
    give me reply as soon as possible.


    In Nokia Metrosite BTS the DAC value was initially set as 2000 with +- 200 tolerance. Unfortunately, the DAC value keeps drifting down.

    Does anybody have an idea why? Maybe the initial value is not right?

Viewing 15 posts - 91 through 105 (of 148 total)
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