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RBS/BSC Ericsson

  • This topic has 152 replies, 1 voice, and was last updated 2 years, 1 month ago by OYEWUMI ABIODUN JOHN.
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    Dear all,
    i have problem about RBS 2216:
    1/”TG-39 (900), TG-40 (1800)
    Tu 1800: imbalance TRX 5″
    2/”TG-76 (900), TG-306 (1800)
    Tu 900: CF 2A:41, TRX 6,7: LOCAL MODE”
    Can you help me?

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    2964 cabinet takes 24V dc power

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    как можно устранить ошибку RX-15-1 2A 6 – RX path B imbalance
    CF-15 2A 57 40 “RX path imbalance

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    High No. of System RAB Release on Ericsson UMTS Node B-3206

    -We are seeing high # of system RAB release on a sector (say sector B) (1900 MHZ)but could not find any issue interms of antenna system VSWR, no hardware alarms, no TMA faults, changed TX and RAX boards still the same issue.The sector has dedicated coax lines for only one carrier UMTS system.Also, tried changing Scrambling code but no impact…

    As sector B was an issue but other two are fine so we swap hardline coax of sector B and connected to the Node B hardware connection at the port of sector C and the problem is preety much fixed at the same time there is no high no. of system RAB release on other sector from where we swap with (sector C).The cable and TMAs lines were checked from top to the bottom and there is no crossed any where !!

    After two days later we put hardware connection with the correct coax lines and antenna then problem started seeing again, so still we are having this issue…Any suggestions or comments are greately appreciated.


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    Can someone help me with a solution to VSWR on RBS 2206 900 can i clear for good.

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    what dose mean of ” RX path imbalance alarm ” in RBS2964

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    Paul Banter

    How do you install TX Cards in the new UMTS cabs? Thanks

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    what is A- number analysis , how it come in use , I need a full description about it.

    #41509 Reply
    Paul Banter

    It is for 3106 and 3206.

    #41510 Reply
    Julius Amade

    Can anyone please help with a permanent solution to the “Rx path imbalance” and “Rx diversity lost” alarms on the RBS2000 series (2206, 2216,2116).

    Fault codes:

    SO CF 12A:57
    SO CF 12A:38

    I and my team would appreciate this a great deal.

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    Hi Julius,

    Actions required for thoses faults are given by Ericsson in “fault codes” files.

    Do U mean , you don’t have any documentation from E// concerning the related faults???

    Explain pls.

    #41512 Reply

    Hello Atto,

    Thanks for your response. Ive actually tried a lot of stuff from the documentation but cos of the long filter monitoring time involved I was hoping I could get a solution that I can take a shot at and solve the problem without having to re visit site.

    #41513 Reply
    camara Kerfalla Marie

    can someone help me to get answer for this problem:
    RBS2111 in configuration 4/4/4 connected to CX for Abis over VSAT;when the site is up one of sector can’t take traffic i don’t know why

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    Hi Camara,
    Ensure that data rate for 12 TRXs must be at least 1536 for Vsat transmission


    #41515 Reply
    Mohammed Azhary Elshekh

    Appreciate if someone help me in the below,
    1- What does “permanent fault” mean in RBS 2206/Tx side?
    2- How to troubleshoot it?
    Thanks in advance.

Viewing 15 posts - 61 through 75 (of 153 total)
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