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Reply To: 5G and AI and ML

Wallis Dudhnath

RE: 5G / AI / ML – Major Competence Shift

Several customer engagements has shown that the traditional operation centres:-

-NOC: Network Operation Centre
-SOC: Service Operation Centre
-CEM: Customer Experience Management

is now an area where a strong background with Data Science is required. With 5G the Volume, Variety and Velocity is now at an exponential level.

To work with Telecommunication solutions beyond 4G (5G, 5G+, 6G, etc..) a background with Data Science, Python, R, C(and D) (provides good background for other languages) and Java (Enterprise) is required.

The confluence of AI / ML / Automation is key for 5G. Trained AI applications (trained models) will be able to make fast accurate decisions for the business.

VBR/ Wallis Dudhnath