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5G and AI and ML

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    wallis dudhnath

    RE: 5G / AI / ML – Major Competence Shift

    Compared to earlier Mobile technologies (2G, 3G, 4G, etc..), 5G is a major game changer for existing Telecommunication Engineers. 5G sits well with Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and end to end Automation.

    As AI and ML cobot applications continue to work alongside humans they will continue to evolve and adapt to new and complex Telecommunication scenarios. Existing Telecommunication personnel will need to adapt to the fast changes. Instead of studying for two decades and working for the next four, Telecommunication personnel / engineers will need continuous learning to acquire new skills/competence and upgrade existing ones throughout their careers.

    To realise that imperative requires not only concrete lifelong learning options, but also a change in with the existing mindset. Some organisations are seeing the changes that Automation, 5G and Virtualisation are bringing and are now helping the workforce to transit to this new environment. Good example is AT&T. They are helping competence to re-align to SDN/NFV (ECOMP / ONAP), 5G and Automation.

    Wallis Dudhnath

    RE: 5G / AI / ML – Major Competence Shift

    Several customer engagements has shown that the traditional operation centres:-

    -NOC: Network Operation Centre
    -SOC: Service Operation Centre
    -CEM: Customer Experience Management

    is now an area where a strong background with Data Science is required. With 5G the Volume, Variety and Velocity is now at an exponential level.

    To work with Telecommunication solutions beyond 4G (5G, 5G+, 6G, etc..) a background with Data Science, Python, R, C(and D) (provides good background for other languages) and Java (Enterprise) is required.

    The confluence of AI / ML / Automation is key for 5G. Trained AI applications (trained models) will be able to make fast accurate decisions for the business.

    VBR/ Wallis Dudhnath

    wallis dudhnath

    RE: 5G / AI / ML – Major Competence Shift – Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning / Deep Learning

    5G is now well linked to Automation, Machine Learning and narrow (or specific) Artificial Intelligence.

    Compared to earlier 3GPP Releases, 5G simplifies the Network Architecture. At the same time there is a fast shift to Automation. Over 50% of the current tasks / activities will be Automated and decisions with qualified checks will be made by AI / ML software agents. Existing engineers will need to “morph” into IT/devops and data science / programming roles.

    At the time of writing we are seeing 5G CSPs “re-skilling” their staff for 5G-Automation, etc..

    VBR/ Wallis Dudhnath

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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