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Reply To: How to check if GPRS is working

kamal kotecha

Hi Dude,

It will just give you noof timeslots being used for packet data..

Actually,what you want to monitor is TBF…Here is the way,

-Check on which pcu your bts falls under n type of pcu..

If pcu_b,
go to service terminal of that bcsu..

ZRS:3X,Y0BE (x=pcu index,y=x+1)
Then hit following cmd,
renfst -s bts -t 3
(note that it is in small letter..!)

Now if,it is pcu2 varients,

ZRS:3X,Y0BE (x=pcu index,y=x+1)

dsegtbf -bts

Thats the way to check tbf flow..

By the way,check the same in NED as well,as I have left practice with NSN BSS few years of now,but it seems fine..!