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How to check if GPRS is working

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    I was wondering if MML command like ZERO is reliable ? The output shows that some channels of TRXs are GP (gprs busy) so in this case it means that GPRS is working normally ?

    kamal kotecha

    Hi Dude,

    It will just give you noof timeslots being used for packet data..

    Actually,what you want to monitor is TBF…Here is the way,

    -Check on which pcu your bts falls under n type of pcu..

    If pcu_b,
    go to service terminal of that bcsu..

    ZRS:3X,Y0BE (x=pcu index,y=x+1)
    Then hit following cmd,
    renfst -s bts -t 3
    (note that it is in small letter..!)

    Now if,it is pcu2 varients,

    ZRS:3X,Y0BE (x=pcu index,y=x+1)

    dsegtbf -bts

    Thats the way to check tbf flow..

    By the way,check the same in NED as well,as I have left practice with NSN BSS few years of now,but it seems fine..!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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