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Reply To: Sharing TCH among TRX (low utilize cell)


Hi Pix,

Thanks for the good info. Now I know why some trx not carried trafic even we using BBH. Another query,without remove/lock non traffic TRX on low utilization cell, how can we modify the TRX PREF MARK to make the traffic distributed to non traffic TRX?
Here current setting:
TRXs (+) TRX PREF MARK zone type
TRX 01 0 Outer
TRX 02 0 Outer
TRX 03 1 Inner
TRX 04 1 Inner
TRX 05 1 Inner
There is no traffic for TRX03. Can I modify TRX PREF MARK to make TRX03 can carry some traffic?
For info, our management directions to let non utilize TRX on site with carry some traffic.

Pls help.