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Sharing TCH among TRX (low utilize cell)

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    Hi Experts,

    If we have 20% traffic utilization for a certain cell, does all TRX (example for 6 trx) will have traffic or some will not?
    What is the factor for TCH assignment?

    Please help.



    it is a vendor-specific algorithm, so there is no global rule. The most logical way of distributing traffic is to allocate it TRX per TRX. So if you have only 20% of traffic over 6 TRX, only 2 of them will be used most of the time.



    Thanks Pix for reply.
    I’m using ALU B10. If using BBH, can traffic distributed among TRX even in low utilization?


    no, because bbh in ALU is not really a baseband hopping. A call is put (and stays) on 1 TRX, and this TRX modifies its frequency every TDMA frame. In other words, BBH in ALU is working as SFH.

    The only ways to push traffic to other TRX are:
    1/ modify the TRX PREF MARK
    2/ lock the other TRX



    Hi Pix,

    Thanks for the good info. Now I know why some trx not carried trafic even we using BBH. Another query,without remove/lock non traffic TRX on low utilization cell, how can we modify the TRX PREF MARK to make the traffic distributed to non traffic TRX?
    Here current setting:
    TRXs (+) TRX PREF MARK zone type
    TRX 01 0 Outer
    TRX 02 0 Outer
    TRX 03 1 Inner
    TRX 04 1 Inner
    TRX 05 1 Inner
    There is no traffic for TRX03. Can I modify TRX PREF MARK to make TRX03 can carry some traffic?
    For info, our management directions to let non utilize TRX on site with carry some traffic.

    Pls help.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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