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Reply To: Paging Success Rate Formula for BSS



1. The formular may be different, according as how and what do you want to assess
– If you want to assess service quality (based on user perception):
EndUserPSR = Nbr_of_paging_response/Nbr_of_1st_paging_request

– If you want to assess network quality, you have to include number of paging retries:
PSR = Nbr_of_paging_response/(Nbr_of_1st_paging_request + Nbr_of_paging_retry)

2. Because paging request and paging response is initiated and received at core network side, so there is no PSR at BSS side.

3. You can follow these steps to check:

– Check T3212 in BSS, and set Implicit Detach Timer in MSC to 6*T3212 + 1
– T3113 (in MSC, not in BSS) must be set to T3101 + (3-5)seconds
– T3101 (in BSS) set to 3-5 seconds

However I’m not sure why PSR is low during midnight.