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Reply To: NSN TCH Drop


Hi Taupaji

Thanks a lot for your reply.

Yes I’ve able to know that this due to poor rf conditions.

The thing is, so far my knowledge, radio failure mainly is radio link timeout & t200 failure.
Issue is why radio link timeout takes place & why t200 expires ?

In pure siemens system from spots, It’s easily understandable that how many calls are dropping due to these issues.

But for NSN, Flexi, report comes only with TCH drop due to radio fail.
Formula for this is as below

100 * ————————–
+ tch_rf_old_ho
+ tch_tr_fail
+ tch_tr_fail_old
+ tch_abis_fail_call
+ tch_abis_fail_old
+ tch_a_if_fail_call
+ tch_a_if_fail_old
+ tch_lapd_fail
+ tch_bts_fail
+ tch_user_act
+ tch_bcsu_reset
+ tch_netw_act
+ tch_act_fail_call)

Problem is, RLT for AMR seems to be OK with current configuration.
Now it seems that there might have some interference.Let’s see.

I was just looking for that someone has worked particularly on it or not and if has worked then what are the steps taken.

Hope you got my issue.
Again thanks for reply.