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    Hi experts

    Can anyone plz describe the TCH drop counter for NSN.

    DCR_34_TCH Drop ratio due to radio fail.

    What are the things that i need to work with.


    This counter gives ratio of failures due to poor rf conditions to total failures. Poor rf conditions maybe due to a variety of reasons. This counter is very common in cells with coverage issues.


    Hi Taupaji

    Thanks a lot for your reply.

    Yes I’ve able to know that this due to poor rf conditions.

    The thing is, so far my knowledge, radio failure mainly is radio link timeout & t200 failure.
    Issue is why radio link timeout takes place & why t200 expires ?

    In pure siemens system from spots, It’s easily understandable that how many calls are dropping due to these issues.

    But for NSN, Flexi, report comes only with TCH drop due to radio fail.
    Formula for this is as below

    100 * ————————–
    + tch_rf_old_ho
    + tch_tr_fail
    + tch_tr_fail_old
    + tch_abis_fail_call
    + tch_abis_fail_old
    + tch_a_if_fail_call
    + tch_a_if_fail_old
    + tch_lapd_fail
    + tch_bts_fail
    + tch_user_act
    + tch_bcsu_reset
    + tch_netw_act
    + tch_act_fail_call)

    Problem is, RLT for AMR seems to be OK with current configuration.
    Now it seems that there might have some interference.Let’s see.

    I was just looking for that someone has worked particularly on it or not and if has worked then what are the steps taken.

    Hope you got my issue.
    Again thanks for reply.


    Use ND217 for cause outs and refer to DX causes document to nail down phase during which call dropped and causes.
    Check drop causes during phase 15(conversation). 🙂
    For interference check whether HO_CAUSE_INTERFERENCE increases & itf_1 is outside of band1 during drop hours/days.


    btw I’m not sure about this but – T200 expiry can be due to issues between MS->BTS(MS-LOST) & BTS->BSC(TRANSMISSION/CLOCK).


    In NSN is there any counter for call drop which will give call drops due to low signal level, call drops due to ULQ, Call drop due to DLQ, Call drop due to TA. In ericsson these counters are available would like to know if the similar counters are available in NSN


    In NSN:
    After i sent the T200S=1200ms, i got: Radio failure changed from 12% to 0%
    BUT i got, Abis failures changed from 1.5% to 12% !!!!!

    Any explanation for that?

    Prabhakar Singh

    Can anyone plz describe the TCH drop counter for NSN.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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