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Reply To: Finding TCH During Drive test


Sos@ as Brother wrote you may find what you want in current channel

Eagle@ TCH freq is not BCCH freq! If you mean that sometimes TCH ARFCN and BCCH ARFCN seem same in current channel, it means your speaking on BCCH TRX(or let’s say main TRX)

As you know, TRX has 8 slots. ANd you may define first slot for BCCH, second for SDCCH (or you may combine BCCH and SDCCH). you can define dynamic or static PDCH and remaining ones are TCH. So TRX freq inclued BCCH and TCH for main TRX. For others TRX freqs= TCH freqs.

If you wanna see if TCH freqs have interference problem you may check freqs in Hopping Channels. When you open it you will see your tch freqs and their C/I values.

I expect you got your answer.