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Reply To: RACH Min.Access Level & RXLEV_ACCESS_MIN


first both sites lies in totally remote region and just neighbor to each other.below is yr req:
*y->B::HOSR greater than 97%(Y is the cell of same site as of cell A)
*HO requests from A->B::Avg 750(on Day level).
*HO requests from A->A’s best neighbour:: 750(As it is the only neighbor)
*cause of HO from A->B::H371F HO commands due to Better cell and H371C HO commands due to Uplink strength,
* Yes
* 10 TRX’s and no Blocking.
*Yes TCH ASR follow the same trend as HOFR.
And please also define(H371L outgoing HO commands due to other causes,what is other causes).
Equip. is Huawei.