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Reply To: UL TBF Establishment problems in ALCATEL


Hello Paul,

what is the value of GPRS_UL_TBF_estab_fail_radio_rate ?

if > 5%, you should suspect a little hardware problem, that will probably be fixed by a GPU or GPRS Reset

for how many cells this indicator is bad ?

are all those cells belonging to the same GPU ? same BSC ? same MFS ?

What is the value of your CSSR ? (i.e. for CS calls)

Usually, the “UL TBF fail due to radio” should be just a little higher than your “TCH Assignment Failure due to Radio”. If it is way higher, than you can be certain that the problem lies in the HW (in the SW, exactly).

… Or you did something terribly wrong with the parameters 🙂 Can you retrieve the hour when the problem appeared ? can you correlate it with any parameter change ?
and with any hardware change (bts rehoming, patch activation, ater-ps installation, gpu install, etc etc…?)
anyway, as i say : “if it fails, reboot it !”

if nothing works, ensure that ALPHA and GAMMA (omcr cell parameters) are set to 0, in order to deactivate your UL GPRS power control.