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Reply To: Samsung phones cannot complete MO an MT


The problem with your question is an assumption by you that everyone knows the “call problem”. We don’t. What are the exact problems with Samsung mobile originated and mobile terminated calls?

– Do the originating calls fail to terminate?
– Do the originating calls suddenly terminate for no reason?
– Is it calls cannot be originated, in which case the calls cannot be terminated (based on logic that the calls haven’t originated in the first place)?
– Is the quality of the calls in issue?
– Is there a problem with IMEI/SCM?
– Are the Samsungs using a strange charset for messaging – a UCS/UTF that your system is not recognising?
– Which models numbers of Samsung are you having a problem? (Clearly this isn’t an intenrational problem because this Board would be fully of queries and complaints)
– have you checked with Samsung technical departmemt to confirm any issued technical fault reports?
Is is that the BSC is failing to recognise calls from these Samsung handsets?

I see the BSC is where you indicate the problem is detected, so apart from the queries above there are still many more queries that could be put to you.

Help us by telling us what the exact problem are first?

Also a million-rupee question for you. How do you know only Samsungs phones have these problems?

best regards