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Reply To: different throughput in LLC and RLC


Hi Experts,
Our 3G network buit on two vendors: ZTE and Huawei.
Average HSDPA throughput in Huawei networks is about 900kbps and average HSDPA Throughput in ZTE networks is about 1700 kbps.
When I checked formulas I found that Huawei formula calculates HSDPA throughput on RLC level and ZTE formula calculates HSDPA throughput on MAC-hs level.
We tried to simulate users behaviour and found that calculation as per Huawei formula is equal to application throughput (the same speed that application was downloaded).
We escalated this issue to Huawei support and as per their reply the problem is due to calculation on RLC level. After upgrade to R14 new counters will be activated and we can calculate throughput on MAC-hs level. They replied that after sofware version upgrade in another operator HSDPA throughput (calculated on MAC-hs level) increased in 2-2.2 time (compare to previous HSDPA throughput calculation on RLC level).
Do you have any ideas why HSDPA throughput calculated on MAC-hs level in 2-2.2 time higher the HSDPA throughput calculated on RLC level.