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different throughput in LLC and RLC

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    hi bryan,

    no, it’s the contrary : the user only perceives the LLC throughput.
    The RLC throughput is completely transparent for the end user.


    Thanks a lot Pix. Now, i’m not confused anymore. For the scenario that ‘Application througput’ is greater than the LLC and RLC throughput, i think, the value decreases due to retransmission — total average result differs from the expected result (Physical > MAC > RLC > LLC > Application).


    Physical > MAC > RLC > LLC > Application

    that is correct. It can even be refined, roughly, because some throughputs are almost equal :

    Physical = MAC = RLC > LLC = Application



    Hi Experts,
    Our 3G network buit on two vendors: ZTE and Huawei.
    Average HSDPA throughput in Huawei networks is about 900kbps and average HSDPA Throughput in ZTE networks is about 1700 kbps.
    When I checked formulas I found that Huawei formula calculates HSDPA throughput on RLC level and ZTE formula calculates HSDPA throughput on MAC-hs level.
    We tried to simulate users behaviour and found that calculation as per Huawei formula is equal to application throughput (the same speed that application was downloaded).
    We escalated this issue to Huawei support and as per their reply the problem is due to calculation on RLC level. After upgrade to R14 new counters will be activated and we can calculate throughput on MAC-hs level. They replied that after sofware version upgrade in another operator HSDPA throughput (calculated on MAC-hs level) increased in 2-2.2 time (compare to previous HSDPA throughput calculation on RLC level).
    Do you have any ideas why HSDPA throughput calculated on MAC-hs level in 2-2.2 time higher the HSDPA throughput calculated on RLC level.


    we’ve been asked from the management to report throughput and serving bitrate in a cell level. What is the difference between them. Aren’t they the same thing?
    Which indicators corresponds to them in NPO? Also, how to calculate average serving bitrate per connection?
    Please, if someone can help me!
    We are on ALU B11.
    Best Regards,

    Ajit Kumar Gupta

    Plz help me to clear the basic differences between RLC, LLC and Application throughput

    rafa RF

    dear experts;

    as aleksandr said, in a Venezuelan network we have the same phenomena, ZTE throughput is higher than Huawei. Huawei experts says that ZTE calculate it in MAC-hs layer and Huawei in the MAC-d flows, since the MAC-hs has more payload due the headers, signalling and retransmissions, the throughput is higher.please if any of you have more information about it to undestand better the situation will be appriciated.

    thank you and best regards.


    dear Aleksandr, thought the thread is quite old, can you kindly share the KPI formula for ZTE HSDPA throughput?


    C310545121 /(C310545122*0.002)


    If utilization of a cell increases from 100%. is it necessary that blocking will occur on these cells.because i got some cases in which utilization is over 100% but still i am getting no TCH blocking.


    im still not clear about SNDCP Throughput,i want explaination.And when we are checking network throughput which data we should consider SNDCP or LLC or RLC??how can we improve these parameters within a cell.i will be thankful for your reply.


    how to calculate RSCP values in netnumen ?


    hello pix
    I am confused about number of PDCH

    “Hi Eric,

    For EDGE dimensionig, you should actually start from the Downlink RLC throughput required by users, on Air interface + the amount of EDGE users. That is your initial assumption. For example, as a EDGE user, I would want to get at least 130kb/s most of the time.
    And in average, you can assume there are 1.5 users at the same time in one cell. So you need : 6 or 7 PDCH with a throughput in MCS9, etc etc”

    how we calculate i got 4 pdch from my calculation

Viewing 13 posts - 16 through 28 (of 28 total)
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