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Reply To: GPRS downlink assignment


Dear, CM! There is no enough information in your post for picture complicity:) I needs all RLC\MAC header’s info of all blocks (control and data) and all parameters in control messages. And also, messages distribution on radioblocks in allocated PDCH (all – uplink and downlink).
And else:
3. Which DL messages (with USF=0) are you sending to MS to force it to send RLC data blocks? Is cowntdown procedure started when MS is sending RLC/MAC data blocks? Is there TLLI info in all blocks or not?
4. Is there TLLI info in PUA?
5. Is there TLLI info in PCA or not; or it is 4 Access Bursts?
6.Is there TLLI info in PDA and all subsequent PCA?
And how about GPRS Cell OPTIONS on BCCH?