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GPRS downlink assignment

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    Dear, CM! There is no enough information in your post for picture complicity:) I needs all RLC\MAC header’s info of all blocks (control and data) and all parameters in control messages. And also, messages distribution on radioblocks in allocated PDCH (all – uplink and downlink).
    And else:
    3. Which DL messages (with USF=0) are you sending to MS to force it to send RLC data blocks? Is cowntdown procedure started when MS is sending RLC/MAC data blocks? Is there TLLI info in all blocks or not?
    4. Is there TLLI info in PUA?
    5. Is there TLLI info in PCA or not; or it is 4 Access Bursts?
    6.Is there TLLI info in PDA and all subsequent PCA?
    And how about GPRS Cell OPTIONS on BCCH?

    Mothi Natarajan

    Im getting the messages from mobile as only two burst , but the actual message must have 4 burst, i cant find a reason for it…please let me know why this is happening.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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