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Reply To: Ivann


Ivann, you’re really nice, no problem at all 🙂

The BBH in ALU is just as what I said :

in BTS product description:

Synthesizer frequency hopping
Synthesizer frequency hopping (or so-called radio frequency hopping) is supported by the whole
BTS range, its use being optional. Two frequency hopping modes are available:

– Standard RF hopping mode: A cell with N TRXs can have N-1 TRXs hopping (the TRX carrying
the BCCH is not hopping), on M frequencies (M usually > N).
– Pseudo baseband RF hopping mode: A cell with N TRXs can have all its N TRXs hopping on N

conclusion : it’s pseudo BBH 🙂

i won’t look further, because i’m sure of what i’m saying. In old alcatel docs, this wasn’t true (G1 BTS didn’t work this way, G2 neither, perhaps)

Your doc is not updated, probably alcatel didn’t care about updating it… you can raise the concern to your TPM, so alcatel updates this doc…