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Reply To: Ivann


Hi Ivann,

We have FHS1 for TSs from 1 to 7 (the same MAIO) and FHS2 for TS0 (and corresponding MAIO). FHS2 containes less frequences than FHS1 (without BCCH). So TSs from 1 to 7 must be emitted on the same frequency within one frame, aren’t they?


And during one frame tre emits two frequencies – one while TS0 and another – while the rest of TSs, doesn’t it?

—- YES

Can we say that certain connection is served by one certain carrier unit/tre (if we have no intracell HO)in this cell?

— If MS is allocate on the TRX3 / TS5 then it will stay there (unless call release or handover). Physically, the call is always handled by the same TRE. But each TDMA frame, the frequency used is modified. Basically, the same TS is used, but with different frequencies.
The frequencies are changing within the same timeslot 🙂