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Reply To: Ivann


Dear Pix,
great shame on me 🙁 I had different point of view about BBH (particulary in Alcatel) :((
Therefore some more questions:)
in case of TCH-tre:
We have FHS1 for TSs from 1 to 7 (the same MAIO) and FHS2 for TS0 (and corresponding MAIO). FHS2 containes less frequences than FHS1 (without BCCH). So TSs from 1 to 7 must be emitted on the same frequency within one frame, aren’t they? And during one frame tre emits two frequencies – one while TS0 and another – while the rest of TSs, doesn’t it? Can we say that certain connection is served by one certain carrier unit/tre (if we have no intracell HO)in this cell?