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Reply To: GPRS Gs interface & paging



The thing is there is no way to know whether the 7% of failures are due to MS being blinded by GPRS activity or not.

Can you match the hourly PSR, against the hourly activity of data transfers ? Is there a correlation ?

Other probable causes of poor PSR are:
– radio PCH congestion
– poor coverage or bad interference areas
– boards processing overload (MSC / BSC / BTS)

What I am trying to say is that Gs interface is just a way to improve the customer “experience” (receiving calls while browsing). It s a good value added service, it will improve your image, blablabla.. On the other hand, knowing that your CS pagings will *all* go through your SGSN (and not through the A interface anymore) + there will be LA/RA combined update + IMSI/GPRS combined attach, there is a high risk that it will introduce some weird bugs.

(this is based on what I’ve read about Gs inteface so far on this forum and what customers have shared with me)

I don’t know with which system you are working with, but most vendors are know proposing Paging synchronisation inside the BSC itself. In few months, there will be no need for Gs interface anymore (if you keep your radio release up to date)