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Reply To: Same (BCCH, BSIC) couple



I just got confirmation that the HO are indeed “synchronous” between cells synchronized by GPS. I wonder how it works though. I’ll dig on that subject further.

Regarding the TS0, still got more digging to do.

And regarding the TSC… I don’t really understand why you talk about TSC.
Let’s see. The TCH are less interfered, especially in case of SFH 1×1, because surrounding sites will never collide with each other (or less often than before, let’s be realistic 🙂 ).

TSC is related to the BSIC… thanks to TSC, the MS knows how badly interfered is a burst… I’m sorry, i don’t see what is the relationship ?

(ps : we’re just exchanging thoughts, sorry if there is anything in my posts that you feel is aggressive in any way) (I cannot be hold liable for any misinterpretation of my posts) (No animals were harmed during the writing of this post) (Some babies were, though)