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Reply To: Node B 3G FlexiBTS, RNC


If alarms “WCDMA cell out of use” and “Failure in WCDMA WBTS O&M Connection” occurs for site which has been working previously, it’s for sure some problem with Iub tranmssion or some problem with BTS itself. It has nothing to do with neigbour cells or DCN config in RNC.

Alarm 3267 can indicate if some AAL2 path has some capacity bottleneck; either all CIDs is reserved or AAL2 bw is not available. Use e.g. RNC’s statistics (Measurement 550, AAL2 path CAC resource) to find out this. Or you can use EPUTIL service terminal extension of command L to display load of endpoints (cps usage, cid usage).

I hope this helps.