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Node B 3G FlexiBTS, RNC

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    Can anyone help me on how to clear the alarm “WCDMA cell out of use” and “Failure in WCDMA WBTS O&M Connection”? I’ve got too many alarms like these everyday in RNC.

    Thanks for future replies.

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    By the way this is NOKIA RAN(Node B and RNC).

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    Sounds like there’s problem on Iub transmission. Or, it can also some problem on those BTSs to which the alarm is pointing to. You can check the those BTSs with BTS Manager. Check also AXC.

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    As I know,.
    For WCDMA out of use, u try to delete some ajc neightbour.
    For 7750 failure WBTS and O&M link failure, you try to re create DCN by ZQMF,ZQRN,ZQKC for RAS 5.2.Thus certainly your vp, vc is cross connected right

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    Any body can help me to solve alarm 3267 at RNC,.AAL type 2 rejection level exceed for AAL type 2 path.

    Many thank’s before and appriciate before

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    If alarms “WCDMA cell out of use” and “Failure in WCDMA WBTS O&M Connection” occurs for site which has been working previously, it’s for sure some problem with Iub tranmssion or some problem with BTS itself. It has nothing to do with neigbour cells or DCN config in RNC.

    Alarm 3267 can indicate if some AAL2 path has some capacity bottleneck; either all CIDs is reserved or AAL2 bw is not available. Use e.g. RNC’s statistics (Measurement 550, AAL2 path CAC resource) to find out this. Or you can use EPUTIL service terminal extension of command L to display load of endpoints (cps usage, cid usage).

    I hope this helps.

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    We’ve encountered this problem – failure in wcdma wbts o&m connection. We’ve check all the parameters which happened to be all correct. I suggest you to perform BER testing of E1 link/s if all values conform with RNC and aggregator.

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    Ruby Simmons

    Can someone please shed some light on trouble shooting the Node B alarm 3101 Internal Failure in SAAL Stack? Thanks

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    3101—There has occured a failure in the SAAL stack, which transfers
    signalling data. The signalling message transfer via signalling
    link in question is not possible and signalling messages which have
    already been sent to the signalling link might have been lost.
    The system has changed the state of the signalling link to
    OUT-OF-SERVICE and it is not possible to perform changeover to
    another, replacing link. The system sets automatically the defected
    signalling link back to the IN-SERVICE state when the SAAL
    resources are in order again.

    There is also a possibility that defective module. try to replace the transmission module. Check also the cross connection betwwen RNC and aggregator if properly defined.

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    hi ex_Nokia_engineer
    can u explain to me the process to create O&M connection (DCN)

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    could you please tell me how to calculate AAL2 path capacity for an 3G node B?

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    could u pls tell me, Why we use the service terminal?

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    -7750”— What’s d meaning of this alarm and how we can remove this alarm….pls suggest Thanks…..

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    I am trying to figure out the voice capacity and consumption differences between a BTS and a nodeB:
    For similar erlang (say 20, 40 and 80), similar frequency and coverage, what would be the energy consumption difference between a 2G BTS and a nodeB. (# of TRX can be variable)

    Thank you!

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    Sherif RNC

    Dear gents,

    this my mail for answer all your question:

    msa, follow the below step, but becarfull when use the below commend’s

    ZQKC:OMU,0&&1 and then enter

    this commend will ask you put TRS IP like that (#:#:#:#) after that enter

    and then the commend will ask you IFFE IP (#:#:#:#)
    and then enter
    and then you should write LOG and then ; and then enter

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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