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Reply To: High Random Access Failure rate


hello mania,

SDCCH_assign_unsuccess_rate =

SDCCH_assign_cong + SDCCH_assign_fail BSS + SDCCH_assign_fail_Radio


SDCCH_assign_request = MC04 + MC148
SDCCH_assign_cong = MC04
SDCCH_assign_fail_BSS = MC148 – (MC01 + MC02 + MC149)
SDCCH_assign_fail_radio = MC149

The Requests is actually the number of “allocations” (mc148) + number of “congestions” (mc04). This is an approximation…
The failures_BSS are the difference between the allocations and the success + failures_radio. All the allocations that do not become success or fail_radio, then you might wonder what happened to them. We count them as “fail BSS”.

Let me know if you have any doubt.

RACH failures are not counted in alcatel, that’s correct.