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Reply To: 1 E1 in erlang


hi all;
just i need to adding my information.

1E1 have 32 TS..2 TS decrease will be get 30TS

now we can say we have 30 TS will be used for BTS ,
every Trx take 2 TS from PCM + 0.5 TS for signaling to this TRX
the summation 2.5 TS related to 1Trx in BTS

now must do calculation how many TRX can carry for 1STM
30/2.5= 12 Trx..
for FR
12*8=96 TS
assume every 4 TRx per sector that mean 2 TS will be decrease for every sector (1BCCH+1SDCCH).
4*8-2=30 TS from Btable 20Erli ber sector

for three sector 60 Erl.

for HR carry double

Many thanks for all..