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1 E1 in erlang

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    how many timeslots available in one E1 ?
    32 TS
    how many can be used to carry traffic ?
    let’s say 26 TS available for traffic
    and let’s say you are talking about the A interface, where there is only 1 channel per TS (1 channel = 64kb/s)

    There you go:
    BHT = “unknown”
    lines = 27
    blocking % = 0.5% (0.005)

    click on “calc”
    BHT = 16.55 erlang



    IF 30 SLOT OF ONE E1 is busy for one hour, how we can calculate earl age?
    plz answer me step by step.


    hi all;
    just i need to adding my information.

    1E1 have 32 TS..2 TS decrease will be get 30TS

    now we can say we have 30 TS will be used for BTS ,
    every Trx take 2 TS from PCM + 0.5 TS for signaling to this TRX
    the summation 2.5 TS related to 1Trx in BTS

    now must do calculation how many TRX can carry for 1STM
    30/2.5= 12 Trx..
    for FR
    12*8=96 TS
    assume every 4 TRx per sector that mean 2 TS will be decrease for every sector (1BCCH+1SDCCH).
    4*8-2=30 TS from Btable 20Erli ber sector

    for three sector 60 Erl.

    for HR carry double

    Many thanks for all..


    Manzoor Ahmed

    Hi Pix
    How many calls can be establish in the same time in 1xE1 in full rate Mode?

    Tayyab Saeed

    I have total minutes of E1 used in one month now i have to calculate the utilization percentage of E1 whole month.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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