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Reply To: SD Failure please help


Dear Optimizer

Our network is only 2G and we are NOT making any rooming on 3G net.
3G license not issued still in my country 🙁

Well, we are facing no SD blocking and in our case immediate assignment failure is only due LU failure.
Now i was just thinking that if it would have been mobile issue, then if we see the USER behaviour we find that any particular user uses same cells everyday (except Sundays) so this issue must repeat on same cells everyday.
And in my case this is not the situation.
OK if we say that the FAULTY MOBILE PHONE user is very much mobilized, then at night time he should use the cell covering his HOME
In my case the problem 90% starts at night 3am-6am but again no repetition in any cell is observed. It is always like Hopping. Moving from one place to other with no sequence.
Well this what i have analyzed.
What you guys think
I think it is not Mobile phone

I Think Ghosts has also started using mobile phones 🙂
so much advertisements :);)