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Reply To: Hand over problem


you want to make handover from indoor to outdoor, so you reduce output power of the indoor BTS ?
I don’t think that’s a good idea…

What you should do is increasethe threshold of the emergency handover based on downlink rxLev, in the indoor BTS. Instead of L_RxLev_HO = -93dBm, put -85dBm.

To prevent a ping-pong HO from outdoor to indoor, you just have to disable the Power Budget HO from Outdoor to Indoor. A HO from Outdoor to Indoor shall be triggerred by a “forced HO” (such as umbrella to micro HO), not a power budget HO.

Sorry I don’t know the names you use in Ericsson systems, so my post might be a bit “vague”. Up to you to find the relation between my post and the Ericsson system.