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Hand over problem

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    Hi i have hand over problem in NOKIA BTS between merto to ultra and viceversa, i had check BSIC of both site is not same, BCCh is also not change, having good quality and rx level,hand over is defined both way so many times from BSC.Both site is in same BSC, there is no interferance, even i checked all parameters like BTS/Switch/Power control parameter all is disired value, so plz guide me what should to do?

    Ashok Singh

    Hi dear,

    The two BTS is clock syncronized & if the clock value not appropriate then there may be problem in not only in Handover but also u may not find the signal of other if u latched in one.



    Hi in GSM BTS are not clock syncronized to each other this is happen in CDMA not in GSM so that is not problem.


    Verify the NCC (PLMN) permitted to see if the NCC number of the originating cell is permit on the target cell.


    I had check both NCC and BCC and both are desired one.


    1 ) do a drivetest, an Abis trace and analyze QoS counters.

    2 ) find where and how is the failure occuring (check messages send from and to the MS, and over the Abis interface, check if the content of the messages are correct, etc..)


    Hi Pix,

    Can u plz explain Abis trace and analyze QoS counters.

    waiting for yr reply.


    Abis trace : retrieve messages on the interface between the serving BTS and BSC, and between the target BTS and the BSC. Filter the messages concerning your mobile phone, and you might isolate all the messages concerning handovers. Compare those messages with the usual Handover protocol (which message comes when, and which message should come after it). That should tell you where the problem is. Software : K12…

    QoS counters : if you know enough about them, you can also detect where is the problem occuring, even though it is not as detailed as Abis interface. Software.. it is vendor dependant.

    Drive-test : looking at the layer 3 messages, you’ll find interesting messages about HO too. Software : TEMS, Agilent, etc…


    hi, can anybody help me about handover parameter adjustment in ericsson. indoor cell can’t handover to outdoor cell, bcoz outdoor are too weak to trigger handover. i’ve already reduce the output power of the BTS. what parameters do i need to adjust to initiate handover?

    thank in advance for the help…



    you want to make handover from indoor to outdoor, so you reduce output power of the indoor BTS ?
    I don’t think that’s a good idea…

    What you should do is increasethe threshold of the emergency handover based on downlink rxLev, in the indoor BTS. Instead of L_RxLev_HO = -93dBm, put -85dBm.

    To prevent a ping-pong HO from outdoor to indoor, you just have to disable the Power Budget HO from Outdoor to Indoor. A HO from Outdoor to Indoor shall be triggerred by a “forced HO” (such as umbrella to micro HO), not a power budget HO.

    Sorry I don’t know the names you use in Ericsson systems, so my post might be a bit “vague”. Up to you to find the relation between my post and the Ericsson system.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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