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why we use DAC value?

DAC value = 13 Mhz clock of BOIA (BCF)

Connect the frequency counter to the 13 MHz test connector on the BOIx front panel with an appropriate test cable.
Check the current and permanent DAC value with the BTS Manager.
Adjust the trigger level on the counter to produce a frequency reading.

Set the measuring period to one second for the first adjustment.
Adjust the current DAC value to 13 000 000.0 Hz with the BTS Manager.

Click the Set as current button.

When searching for the 13 000 000.0 Hz frequency, it is useful to know that 40.8 DAC steps equals one Hz.
Save the current DAC value as the permanent DAC value with the BTS Manager.

When adjustments are complete, click the Save Current Permanently button.

Adjust the maximum measuring period to achieve the required sampling accuracy.
Re-check the displayed frequency.
If you must make more adjustments.