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Reply To: querries regarding NOKIA BTS Comm.


Jadee – 9 Feb 2007

1st solution:
Change all.
The difference between Metro and ultra is physical and capacity, Bigger and wider and more TRX.

Technology is the same. You can do 444 with ultrasite and 200 with metro.

If no RRI, use FXC E1/T1 card. You have 4 PCM in/out.

2nd solution:
If you don’t destroy Metro then it will be co-localization.
One PCM for Metro
One PCM for Ultra
You must declare hand-over between 2 BTS even if they were different.
Ultra will be a new site with sector 1, 2 or 3.
Metro stay here with only 1 sector.

Transmission possibility:
You can use 1 PCM for 2 BTS.
Divised your PCM there 2.
On your ET:
TS 1-6 for 1st BTS
TS 1-12 for 2nd BTS
On your BTS (traffic manager)
get back TS for the 1st
get back TS for the 2nd