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Reply To: querries regarding NOKIA BTS Comm.


hi SAM
about ur alarm
mean holding time below threshold
SAM this is due to the use of the combined signalling used in ur BCCH TRXs

when u create the signalling seperately like MBCCH and SDCCH on differenet time slot then this alarm will get cancel.

the link budget is used during the freq planning like the factors which are being considered like how much power should be used , about the interference from the neighbour cells like this there are many other points which are taken under consideration and all this combined as the link budget as i’m not from RF planing background better if u ask this from some person who is involved in transmission he can explain u more beautifuly

and in BTS we can use baseband (BB) , Radio freq.( RF) and ANtenna Hopping (AOH)

about ur another querry

in the BTS ultrasite if we are using Duplexers then both the antennas are involved in receiving and transmitting as the upper trx use second antenna for diversity and the lower trx use upper antenna as its diversity

the FIU is used to forward more than one PCM from one location to another in RF medium

first u get knowledge of simple commisioning after then u can easily learn the cross connection and E1 routing

please submit ur querry one by one do not try to learn everything in a one go

if anything left feel free to ask again