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querries regarding NOKIA BTS Comm.

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    hai shaleen,
    whats the frq in if this same for all 7,15,23 ghz?

    one more thing there r two rf cables one main one diversity.are both transmiting n receinving ?

    which diversity system is used.frq or space n y

    can u tell me abt FIU whats its function.


    shaleen one more ques

    what is link budget

    which freq hopping we use in gsm


    amit shah


    need help

    in a site mw was of 15 ghz
    horz pol
    power 6 dbm

    we required rx level 39 dbm
    we did alignment but we were not getting the rx level below 42 dbm
    we changed the radio of one site suddenly we receivd 39 dbm but within 3-4 hrs level again went to 42 dbm n didnt came dwn. we didnt changed the far ends we were getting the rx level at that site.

    there was another mw of 1.2 dia n 15 ghz at vert pol just above 2 20-30 deg angle diffrce.

    what might be the prob.?

    plz advice

    arvind s.alane

    I am a Nokia gsm engr i want to know why SEND BCCH option is provided in nokia BTS manager can i get reply please help me anybody

    abid rehman

    i want to know about instalatiom and comissioning of motrola bts horizonmacro2 1800 MHZ.if someone help me i would be thankful to him


    hi SAM
    about ur alarm
    mean holding time below threshold
    SAM this is due to the use of the combined signalling used in ur BCCH TRXs

    when u create the signalling seperately like MBCCH and SDCCH on differenet time slot then this alarm will get cancel.

    Hi AMIT
    the link budget is used during the freq planning like the factors which are being considered like how much power should be used , about the interference from the neighbour cells like this there are many other points which are taken under consideration and all this combined as the link budget as i’m not from RF planing background better if u ask this from some person who is involved in transmission he can explain u more beautifuly

    and in BTS we can use baseband (BB) , Radio freq.( RF) and ANtenna Hopping (AOH)

    about ur another querry

    in the BTS ultrasite if we are using Duplexers then both the antennas are involved in receiving and transmitting as the upper trx use second antenna for diversity and the lower trx use upper antenna as its diversity

    the FIU is used to forward more than one PCM from one location to another in RF medium

    first u get knowledge of simple commisioning after then u can easily learn the cross connection and E1 routing

    please submit ur querry one by one do not try to learn everything in a one go

    if anything left feel free to ask again



    Hi, maybe I can help in some cuestions also

    Arvind: The send BCCH option is for testing purposes, you can find it usage in site commisioning reports documents in the TRX LOOP TEST part

    Amit: your radiolink problem could be a multipath propagation or interference problem the first can be solved with space diversity or changing the antenna height, you can find the second switching off each side of the link and reading in your manager if there are still a signal. it would be a good idea if climb up the tower and see if there is a reflection point or something that can affect your link.

    Good luck and regards


    hello shaleen I am arman,
    u have given answer of Amit Q.

    can u give me immidiate response why in several repeater(NOKIA) site i have seen three antenna connected with two Rep.
    one antenna is connected with two feeder but another two antenna is conncted with one feeder cable. How can it possible
    and why they r connecting in such a manner.


    Can some guru explain me the convention used in the following:

    (%) EFS
    LOCAL END 100.00
    REMOTE END 100.00

    If local end is the BSC itself whre an Ater is created at an ET and far end is TCSM/Transcoder then in my opinion local end MUST always show 100% because transmission starts after the local end?


    thx shaleen n miguel

    can any one put some focus on E1 routing.
    and where to use a E1/T1 card or RRI card

    vinod kumar

    i was working in Nu tek on nokia Ultrasite BTS (indoor BTS ).
    I would like to known about
    1: the power consumption by the BTS
    2: Heat dissipation of Trx card
    3: mainly I need the document of bts nokia Ultrasite BTS (indoor )
    If any one have the s oft copy please email it to :


    any one tell me what is the dimention of a feeder cable which is used in BTS

    Ramajayam cyr

    Dear Pramod kumar gupta

    Normally all operators in GSM using 7/8″ Feedar cable Most of the operator using Andrew cables That cables using two types one is plain in side path and another one is threded inside path . u can use plain in side path is benifit becose your getting very low VSWR value. In jumper cable used 1/2″ or 7/16″ . In feedar cable you use the conector V5PDM for male V5PDF for female conector in jumper cable to use V4PDM ,V4PDF .


    can anybody give solutions for following alarms?why these r generated?
    1.Working SDCCH ch.ratio below threshold.

    2.loss of supervision connection failure ratio above threshold

    4.BTS operation degraded:RX level differ bet. main & diversity.

    5. Difference bet.PCM &base station freq. reference


    One E1 can support how many trx in GSM BTS Practically& Mathemetically
    please answer any one

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 159 total)
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