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Reply To: Speed Sensitive Handover


Dear Kaydee,

First of all thanx for reply and somwhat clearling the doubt. But what I am experiencing here while testing is that…… I assign microcell=TRUE in adjacent from BTS:0 to BTS:1 and with adjusting the power red value for BTS :0 TO BTS:1 (BTS:0 – PWRRED=0 TO 6 AND BTS:1 PWRRED=6 TO 0) with PPLNC=5, PLNC=0 FROM bts:0 to bts:1 and PPLNC=0, PLNC=5 from BTS:0 TO BTS:2, I am seeing that MS hands over to BTS :1 as i change the power red. before 40 seconds which should not be like that, HOMSOFF=10, HOMDTIME=40, HOMDOFF=10.

Please comment on this we can chat on yahoo, skype, or msn

my id is,, rajan_mittal(skype).

Please reply urgent …………..