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Speed Sensitive Handover

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    Dea All,

    Has anybody implemented Speed Sensitive Handover without using CCA, Network Coupler. I mean by decreasing /increasing Transmission levels in the Database. What is actually this and how can one subscriber remain in the UMBREALLA Cell when he is on run and when he comes to stationary he is hands over to a micro cell……….


    I think in any microcelular environment there is an umbrella cell to improve capacity & to avoid high recurrent handover.
    for instance the umbrella have the BCCH carrier so any MS camp on it, so for MS with high velocity the MS TCH allocated from umbrella (available TCH or alloted with perioretization algorithm.and Microcell just connected with bedstrain MS.
    The speed threshold may measured by umbrella with TA, or by number of HO /second at microcellular environment.(as vendor tech)


    Hi Rajan!
    Speed sensitive waork in this way, in Siemens System, there is a time(penalty timer) that is started when handover condition is detected and the target cell has been created as microcell. If the timer is set for example 40 seconds, the call will only be handed to microcell after 40 seconds has expired. It is assumed that if you are driving fast after 40 seconds you will have passed the microcell coverage area. You can still handover to microcell even when you are not stationary if you are driving slow and after 40 seconds you are still in micro cell coverage. I hope this helps


    Dear Kaydee,

    First of all thanx for reply and somwhat clearling the doubt. But what I am experiencing here while testing is that…… I assign microcell=TRUE in adjacent from BTS:0 to BTS:1 and with adjusting the power red value for BTS :0 TO BTS:1 (BTS:0 – PWRRED=0 TO 6 AND BTS:1 PWRRED=6 TO 0) with PPLNC=5, PLNC=0 FROM bts:0 to bts:1 and PPLNC=0, PLNC=5 from BTS:0 TO BTS:2, I am seeing that MS hands over to BTS :1 as i change the power red. before 40 seconds which should not be like that, HOMSOFF=10, HOMDTIME=40, HOMDOFF=10.

    Please comment on this we can chat on yahoo, skype, or msn

    my id is,, rajan_mittal(skype).

    Please reply urgent …………..


    To prevent fast MS to do HO to the lower cell there is two penalty:
    PSSTEMP penalty SS offset
    PTIMTEMP penalty duration


    Hi Rajan.
    Speed sensitive HO is only implemented for power budget HO (better cell). Check if handover which you perform is not a “HO due to level”, which is an imperative one.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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