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Reply To: Performance Benchmarking


hello tanvir,

i’m not too sure about tems 7.0, but in earlier version TEMS cannot “do” anything with GPRS, it just observes.

Let me explain : in your computer, you define your phone as a modem (this procedure can take some time… there are many little things to set !!).
Then you turn on your phone, and turn on TEMS software.
Finally, simply open a web browser, (or a FTP connection) and start surfing the web. In the TEMS interface, you will see the throughput, the usage of the timeslots, the coding scheme, UL and DL, etc…

TEMS cannot force a GPRS connection, therefore it has to be performed by an external application (such a web browser for instance). Well, that is as far a i know, with TEMS 6.1 and earlier.