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Performance Benchmarking

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    Hi scot
    Benchmarking is more related with BSS performance more than NSS.
    But for instance, call drop may caused by switching system(seldom to be faced).
    furthermore in radio trouplshooting chain(detected by Bmarking), the last point is NSS after all BSS checking.
    so i think NSS engineer may explain it.


    JCD, its OK for the value below 95% is not good.
    But I still confuse about the formula to get the CSR and CSSR, do you have it?
    And is it right that CSSR is generate from measurement value?



    What r the parameters do I have to undertake inorder to evaluate GPRS performance. And What r the KPIs for GPRS.

    Please i’m waiting for your reply.


    Da Architect

    Dear Tanvir,

    Mainly TBF_Establishment_success, precisely in Uplink.

    Fundamentals of Performance

    Hi, I am new to Performance Management for Mobile Service, meaning Core,BSS,RAN,VAS,IP and Transmission..and I am desperate to learn these.
    May I therefore humbly ask anyone if you know a link or a document that will tell me what are the fundamental or basic prinicples in Performance Management for the different Domains in a Mobile Network. Desperately need help please..

    If you have materials, please email it at


    Dear Da Architect,

    Thank you for your reply but can you please inform me in more details so that I can have a go with TEMS. In TEMS What do I have to do in order to connect my handset I mean in command sequence what parameters should I select?



    hello tanvir,

    i’m not too sure about tems 7.0, but in earlier version TEMS cannot “do” anything with GPRS, it just observes.

    Let me explain : in your computer, you define your phone as a modem (this procedure can take some time… there are many little things to set !!).
    Then you turn on your phone, and turn on TEMS software.
    Finally, simply open a web browser, (or a FTP connection) and start surfing the web. In the TEMS interface, you will see the throughput, the usage of the timeslots, the coding scheme, UL and DL, etc…

    TEMS cannot force a GPRS connection, therefore it has to be performed by an external application (such a web browser for instance). Well, that is as far a i know, with TEMS 6.1 and earlier.


    hello tanvir,
    for TEMS 7.1 you could observe many of GPRS/EGPRS session information.
    You could connect mobile as MS1 and DC1, to make own command sequence for FTP or web.
    You could evaluate average number of time for downloading/uploading file and so one.

Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)
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