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Reply To: Frequency Hopping System


hi Guys,

The BBH : The number of hopping frequency is equal to the number of TRX

Advantage :
the more TRX you have, better it is to avoid interference
BBH coud be handle by RTC combiner. This combiner could combine 6 DRX with 3dB insertion loss. BS_TxPower_max with RTC is greater than BS_TXPowerMax with Hybrid combiner (SFH case).
I’ve got good results with BBH with Nokia

Drawbacks :
If you have only 2 DRX pe rsector, it’s not enough to avoid interference (go to SFH).

SFH : The number of hopping frequency depends to the MAL, MAIO.

Advantage :
if you have 2 TRX by sector, you could hope with all frequency contained on the MAL to avoid interference.

Drawbacks :
Only Hybrid combiner could handle SFH. This kind of combiner, combine only 4 DRX with 3 dB of insertion loss. If you set more DRX your insertion loss shift from 3 to 6 dB. Decrease of BS_TX_Power_max. maybe, it doesn’t matter in urban dense area.

I hope I could help anyone.