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Reply To: Ericsson RBS 200, 2000 & 2206

Owain Cole

Hi Stuart,
I’m interested in modelling Ericsson RBSs and I have a specific question.
I understand that you can chain RBS cabinates together such that the traffic from one cab is passed through to the transmission of the next.
However some of our users think that the ingress and egress 64k timeslots must be the same if the cabinate is in the 2000 series, but they can be different in the 200 series.
For example, can an RBS 2000 take traffic in on timeslot 5, but put that traffic out on timeslot 6.

Is this restriction true for 200 series? 2000 series? 2600 series?

I’d be very interested to here all about this.

Many thanks,
Owain Cole